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NAHAD Dues Renewal 2020

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Dues Renewal

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BRANCH annual renewal fee ($125.00 per branch) for additional locations only. If you only have one company location a branch fee is not owed. Please list branch location(s):
  ABC Company
  111 Distribution Lane
  Annapolis, MD 21403
Branch Location(s):
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OPTIONAL: Donation to NAHAD’s Clean Water Effort

Last year NAHAD partnered with the nonprofit organization charity:water to bring clean water to people in need around the world. To date we have raised over $15,000 and need your help to reach our goal of $20,000. Simply add the donation amount of your choice to your total invoice. Thank you for joining with us to make a difference in our world. Thank you!
Donation Amount
IRS Required Notice:
Contributions or gifts to the association are not deductible as charitable
contributions for Federal income tax purposes.
However, dues payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses.
NAHAD is a not-for-profit organization, Federal I.D. #23-2324931, incorporated in the
state of Pennsylvania. As such, you are not required to submit form 1099 to us
or the IRS for amounts paid to NAHAD annually in excess of $600.00.
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Your company is a valued member of NAHAD and we don’t want you to miss taking advantage of NAHAD’s exceptional member benefits so we have provided you a very easy option here to complete your renewal process. Simply fill out the form on this page to submit your dues payment online. 

Don’t miss out on these NAHAD programs, services, events and communications designed to provide the solutions, guidance and information your business demands: 

Networking and Education: Available for NAHAD Members Only

  • Annual Meeting & Convention: Join almost 900 hose industry professionals for four days of networking, education and the Showcase of Hose Solutions, April 24-29, 2020 in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • University of Innovative Distribution – NAHAD members were among the 616 attendees learning cutting edge distribution information
  • Hose Safety Institute: Supports and promotes hose assembly safety, quality and reliability through education, research, and collaboration through end-user forums.
  • NAHAD Academy: An e-Learning program designed to ensure all member organizations, regardless of size or budget, have access to affordable, quality, and relevant industry education content.

Benchmarking Tools: Only Available for NAHAD Members

  • Industry Trends Reports: Provides a monthly snapshot of NAHAD member sales activity, new orders, market trends and business forecasts
  • Markets Monitor Report: Pricing trends and market data for five common industrial product groups sold by NAHAD members
  • Bi-Annual Compensation Survey: Provides analysis of management and employee pay scales, employee benefits and sales policies across a broad spectrum of wholesalers 

Human Resource Services: Only for NAHAD Members

  • NAHAD’s Employee Development Roadmap: Provides you and your company with access to the full range of exceptional HR resources and tools as well as timely Human Resource updates, policies and templates               

Business Service Discounts: Only Available for NAHAD Members and Designed to Save Your Company Money

  • NAHAD offers a wide array of services to help you reduce fuel costs, shipping costs, a merchant bank card program, a collections program, electric checks, freight discounts and more!

Please act now to renew your membership in NAHAD.  

Have a question about your dues payment or membership benefits? We're here to help! Reach out to the membership team at info@nahad.org.

NAHAD's Membership & Programs Team

NAHAD Membership Team